What I do when I’m not Reading, Writing or Watching Old Movies

I’ve spoken here about the creative impulse before, but this time I’m going to make it a little more personal and discuss what I do when I’m not writing (or working on other stuff, or watching movies, or reading books or taking care of children), mainly because I realized that I also try to create stuff when I’m in downtime mode.

Now, one hobby I’ve got is building scale models, but that one seems a little like cheating. While it takes a little practice to get them looking decent, the real skill (at least in the case of the ones I build) is on the part of the model builder. Even on mass-produced plastic kits, at some point a prototype maker did the work of carving and engineering it so it would fit together and look correct. I can’t even begin to imagine the kind of talent that takes.

My own contribution to the arts is my other hobby: drawing stuff (admittedly, mostly cars) with colored pencils. These are amateur efforts, but I like the results and occasionally sell an original for a few hundred dollars to auto enthusiasts (it takes a couple of months of highly interrupted work to draw these, so I’m not exactly getting rich). As an example, here’s my latest effort.

As you can tell, my obsession with Le Mans extends to drawing… this is a Ford Mustand leading an Alpine at Le Mans in 1967, just before dusk.

Unlike my fiction, which is my primary creative output, these will likely never compete on the world level or win prestigious awards. But they give me enormous amounts of pleasure, both to create and to look at afterward. The delight is well out of proportion to the actual quality of the drawings, but it’s totally worth it to me.

In fact, I like them so much that I have put some of the drawings on products in a Zazzle store, which I’ve discussed here before. And if you’re interested in looking at the full collection of cars, they’re in this online gallery.

Anyway, I thought I’d share… and I’d love to hear about your own alternative pursuits.

Gustavo Bondoni is a novelist and short story writer whose latest novel is entitled Test Site Horror. It’s fast-paces and unrelenting… like the monsters inside. You can check it out here.


  1. I like it! I think you’re improving. This looks a bit more technically sophisticated than some of your other cars (although they’ve always been nice). What your art may lack in technical sophistication is more than made up for in style. You have a unique (and what I think is an appealing) style.

    Anyway, make sure to get this one up on things at Zazzle, T-shirts and the like. Gonna make you a Zazzle Pro yet!

    BTW, nowadays, I seem to be the opposite of you. Art has become my main creative output, while writing is a secondary hobby, a sideline. I don’t remember the last time I drew just for fun. Not that my art will ever “compete on the world level or win prestigious awards”, but I’ve certainly made it more than just a hobby. My art sells and makes me money, so I follow the money.

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    1. Thanks, Richard! I hope I’m improving, although I’m not entirely sure if it’s a conscious thing or just experience (or randomness, LOL). And yes! This will definitely go on zazzle stuff – and it will likely sell a few. The funny thing is my wife does a five minute watercolor of a fox superhero and she ends up selling more than all my stuff combined (which is cool – she is super talented).


      1. Super Fox has the benefit of the “cute” factor. “Cute” often sells.

        I might be interested in a print of your Mustang drawing. My wife had Mustangs when we were younger. I think it would make a nice print regardless. Make sure that one goes on prints.

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  2. I’ll put it on and let you know! I normally don’t do prints, but I’ll try with this one, to see how it goes. Thanks! It’s already on a print at Fine Art America, but I think it’s a bit more expensive there (I use Fine Art America because I like their “gallery” option where I can actually see all my drawings at one time… also, I sold an original of one for $250, so I like these guys, LOL).


  3. The creative mind, by nature of perfection, always sells itself short. I mean that in a most complimentary way.

    I’m not an artist nor a connoisseur of art, but I know what I like.

    Browsing through the reader (tag: mustang), when first I saw your work, I thought it was a photograph. Granted, on closer inspection, the skill of art revealed itself, and that in a most admiring way. I think it’s excellent. Perfect. This from a layman’s point of view. But then, that’s 99% of us.

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    1. Thanks! And I’m glad you thought it was a photograph – it means I’m getting a bit of the effect I’m aiming for (although hyper-realism is a little too technical for the way I approach this). Your kind words are much appreciated!


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