Not all Car Magazines are from the Northern Hemisphere

No. It isn’t Classic & Sportscar, for the very simple reason that there is no other magazine in the world quite as good as C&SC, regardless of genre. But Autos de época was, for a time, Argentina’s best classic car magazine. In fact, it was the only one I can think of that had anything resembling a good run. I’ve got a few scattered copies from different years.

The strong points here are the fact that the writers are both passionate and knowledgeable. You can tell they’re serious pedants in their chosen fields of passion.

On the debit side, editing and design are quite weak compared to contemporary magazines in the more competitive English-language market.

In my opinion, Autos de época is at its best when investigating obscure Argentine cars and automotive events on the Pampas… which is not the case in this special edition from 2004. This is a collection of the greatest GP cars from 1924 to 1977, as chosen by their editors.

Though the articles themselves break very little new ground (the best parts, again, are of cars that came to South America, which the northern experts probably don’t know about), it was an interesting refresher. I couldn’t really find anything to nitpick on the selections, either–the important stuff was there.

The one thing I didn’t enjoy was the fact that the list was built alphabetically by brand. I would have much preferred a chronological list, as you can see the progression.

But the mere fact that this mag existed and survived for some years is something to be celebrated.

Gustavo Bondoni is an Argentine novelist and short story writer whose latest book is a series of interconnected short stories entitled Safe and Sorry, which you can check out right here.

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