An Overdose of America’s Sports Car

By now, we all know (or should know) that the Corvette is America’s sports car. Out since the fifties, it has evolved from the original gutless boulevardier through the muscle years to the current iteration as a mid-engined exotic.

February 1986, kind of marked the midpoint of that evolution, but that’s not why Road & Track placed a huge Corvette section and cover article in the mag. They did it because the Corvette was a popular car which would help sell magazines on newsstands.

It’s always a good choice when you have a lot of space dedicated to a socially non-conscious vehicle such as this one. You get well away from the boring.

But though this issue was certainly dominated by the Corvette, it was by no means an exclusive. Another interesting car was the Salon about the Triumph Dolomite, an alfa 8C 2300 clone which, as difficult as it might be to believe, is actually prettier than the legendary original. Wonderful car, if ultimately unsuccessful.

Competition was well covered, with the definition of the 1985 F1 championship (which started strong but then petered out) and the SCCA Runoffs (there weren’t memorable, but the article was penned by Peter Egan, so it was worth reading anyway!).

A solid issue.

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