What? ANOTHER Car Magazine?

Yeah, guilty as charged. There are so many good car magazines out there that they can sometimes overwhelm my resistance when standing in front of bookstore newsstands. They are just that good.

Vintage Motorsport is a delightful mag that I only buy occasionally but which lands right in my wheelhouse: old cars and race cars.

Unlike Motorsport, the venerable and original, VM is much more focused on the American scene. As such, there are differences, and it has a much more grassroots feel (motorsport is beautifully designed, international-style, to within an inch of its life).

While I’m not really a Perry fan or a fan of the cars that run in Nascar (I like the racing, but the cars are cookie cutter, especially the modern ones), the cover story about a barn-find racer that turned out to be a significant piece of history is wonderful.

Other good articles include the Salon (I need to check if VM is doing this every issue – when R&T stopped doing Salons I really missed them), the BMW 2002 road car article and a feature about racing Corvettes. But the best article has to be the one about the Stutz Garage. So cool that the factory is being preserved.

So yeah, I may be an incurable addict.

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