Why be Responsible when you can do Top Speed Tests?

I love top-speed shootouts. I love the fact that road cars exist capable of doing double (and in many places triple) the speed limit. I’m glad there are people who actually put these cars through their paces on deserted stretches of actual public roads.

Yes, I know it isn’t socially responsible and that, in the eyes of the law and many citizens, these people are criminals. Not only do I not care, I applaud the persons out there doing that. Society has way too many limitations on freedom and fun. Sometimes you just have to floor that accelerator and feel the grin spread.

Of course, Road & Track can’t do it on a public road, but I still love the fact that they took three cars which most people can’t buy and a good segment of the population disapproves of (especially the Countach, which is designed that way on purpose, to offend those who hate the rich AND those who hate speeders) and let them show what they can do. Great stuff!

Better still… the both Ferraris (Testarossa and GTO) outran the L-car.

Life is to be enjoyed and celebrated. If society creates laws that keep you from doing that (even when you’re not hurting anyone), then those laws should be broken every single time. And these cars show an intent to enjoy life despite the raised eyebrows of those who have given up on pleasure and now get their kicks ensuring that no one else can have a good time.

Anyway, this issue needed that bit of sociopathic fun to even itself out, as it’s one of those mostly road-car issues. Competition offseason means that the racing fix is only really present in the Salon (a Lister Knobbly!!) and the 1985 F1 season roundup (a season that began promising and ended in a dirge).

Despite that, and like all the top-speed shootout issues, this one is memorable.

Gustavo Bondoni is a novelist and short story writer whose latest novel is an SF thriller entitled splinter. This fast-paced adventure delves deeply into the mysteries of what, exactly constitutes life and consciousness… and the fears surrounding the question. You can check it out here.

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