Cosmic Crime Stories is a Particularly Fun Read

Since I mostly write in genres I enjoy, reading contributor’s copies is usually a source of entertainment, and Cosmic Crime Stories was no exception.

In fact, it was a particularly pleasurable read because crime + SFF is just such a cool combination.

And this one has a ton of variety to spice it up. From angels seeking strange boxes to time-traveling philatelists, the detectives in this volume have to deal with a ton of stuff they definitely didn’t see coming. My own stories in this volume are straight SF, but there’s a bit here for everyone.

Of the ones that aren’t mine (I have two stories in this volume), I enjoyed “The Gift” by Mike Murphy, which was extremely creative in its setup.

So, if you enjoy speculative crime fiction, this one should press your buttons.

Gustavo Bondoni is a novelist and short story writer whose latest novel is a humorous romp in heroic-era Greece (with pink sea serpents). If that sounds like fun, you can check The Malakiad out here.

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