Back to Road & Track in the 80s

So, even though my big pile of Road & Track magazines got read over the past couple of years, I felt the need to buy a couple more just because I was only missing two more to complete the year 1987. So I bought October and December, and now have every issue from July 1986 to 2014. I’m completing backward as I go, but I’m not sure if the newer ones are worth it.

Anyhow, this magazine has my favorite car of the 1980s on the cover. At least it was my favorite at the time. I have since decided that the 288 GTO is more beautiful and therefore better, but the F40 is still a car I really like. The other supercars of the 80s were the hated Lambo (which was from the 70s anyway) and the dorky-looking 959 and Testarossa. The F40 really made a kid thank his lucky stars that someone was still awake in Europe.

Better still, the major road test compared a couple of cars I still like: the Fiero and the Toyota MR2, plus we had a Salon article about a Mille Miglia-winning Ferrari.

In competition news, the 1987 F1 season reminded me why, despite the modern idiocy of races where the only thing that matters is tire choice (who in their right mind would decide that what auto racing fans want is racing that only depends on what happens with the tires is beyond me), people still watch. It’s because we REMEMBER what it used to be, and dream of having that again. And Rob Walker and Innes Ireland are still sorely missed today.

Anyhow, a good issue, and one that brings me closer to completing my collection.

Gustavo Bondoni’s latest book is a science fiction thriller entitled Colony. You can check it out here.


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