Zombie Park – The Apocalypse is Coming to a City Near You

I’ve written about the Sha’Daa here before. It’s an apocalypse that happens once every ten thousand years and which always tests humanity’s mettle to the very point of breaking.

This shared-world anthology series is one of my favorites. My stories have appeared in several of them. This, along with the fact that I also write traditionally published novels, garnered me an invite to a very special Sha’Daa project: Sha’Daa Zombie Park.

Edited by Michael H. Hanson, this is a fun romp that answers–in three novellas by three horror writers–the question of what would happen if one of the focal points of this particular version of the Sha’Daa was in New York’s Central Park… and better still, how it would be if creatures and civilizations that used to live in the area came back in an undead form.

This one is quite an action-packed book, as you can imagine, but within that scope, there are three different styles at work, and three different ways of building and maintaining tension. Which one you’ll prefer depends on your own tastes. And while I won’t give an opinion about my own novella (I always hate my writing when I just finished writing it, and love it when I come back to it later, so I’m unreliable anyway), I can say that the other two are extremely strong and I recommend not only this piece, but also anything else you might see from messrs Brown and Cordova.

Fun stuff indeed.

Gustavo Bondoni is a novelist and short story writer whose latest novel is a dark historical fantasy about Etruscan armies desperately trying to fight off the Roman advance. You can check out The Swords of Rasna, here.


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