A Rare Rally Shot on the Cover

Despite being immured in the 1970s (we know that was an awful decade in which society began to accept more and more government interference in everything) where people are talking about safety and fuel economy and emissions instead of important stuff, the March 1972 cover of Road & Track was truly memorable.

It’s not often you see a rally car on the cover of an American magazine. Even less a relatively obscure one like a BMW 2002. And even less than that do you see a shot of the Press On Regardless Rally. So this issue would have scored high marks even if nothing else about it was any good.

Fortunately–despite being an offseason edition–there are a couple of interesting articles in the issue. One about the Jaguar XK-13, another (the best of the issue by far) about an MG Rally to New England and the complete coverage of the runoffs. The rest was a typical seventies issue with a strong focus on whether Detroit’s small cars were actually small, and on how much horsepower was being lost to government interference.

As an SFF writer, I was delighted to see a straight fantasy story, “The Enchanted Bus”, as a fiction piece in this mag. Wonderful stuff.

Gustavo Bondoni is a novelist and short story writer whose latest novel, The Swords of Rasna, is a dark military fantasy about Etruscans fighting off the Roman advance. You can have a look here.

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