Martha Stewart. Best Friend and Worst Enemy.


Today, our guest post is by an Instagrammer who goes by the handle of theartofmom (@theartofmom on Instagram or use this link).  As a mother of three, with another on the way, she tells us how the obsession for perfection both helps and hinders the modern mother.  Oh, and the images below are a sample of what you’ll find on her Instagram feed if you follow her – beautiful aren’t they?

So you want to look amazing, house spotless and Instagram perfect, kids reading on the couches or folding the blankets while you wait for your guests with a beautifully laid table and warm pie smell in the kitchen.


Ok. That’s not going to happen. Kids are running up and down the  corridor yelling and fighting over the last piece of candy. Baby amuses herself by spilling water on the sofa, phone beeps and rings with clients who forgot to design end of year cards and it’s December 30th. The tablecloth is wrinkled and you attempt to iron it but you don’t own an ironing board because you never really iron on a daily basis, so you iron it on the table. You take a deep breath, undo your hair bun and ask the kids to quiet down and lend a hand. They start placing cups and cutlery in the way they feel is ok (which is ok) and then you realize you don’t have embroidered napkins and you’ve run out of your beautiful paper napkins so… kitchen towels will do. Then something’s smelling in the kitchen… and it’s not the warm pie… it’s the burnt pie you had totally forgotten about because the alarm you had set in your phone got mixed with all the other beeps. Pizza it is! Kids are again jumping, now in joy because pizza party. So it’s ok. Kids are happy. And then embroidered napkins wouldn’t have matched the boxed pizza anyway. Then you remember friends are coming in no time and the fact that they are your friends and not the German Ambassador dawns on you and pizza and paper towels are more than fine and they wouldn’t have cared for an ironed tablecloth either. So you feel happy and relax.

And then in these five minutes left… since everything is already done… you improvise a centerpiece with bits of branches and lace. You tidy up the couch. You whip up some cream to top off strawberries for dessert, turn the music on, put on some make-up, add candles on the balcony table. Because you can’t help it! Because you really enjoy all these tiny details even though nobody can believe it from watching you.


What can one do? And because yes: this is a free sample of what a mom of 3 and one on the way can accomplish in 5 minutes.

So, thank you Martha for your inspiration and thank you family for you are the real part of this and everything’s worth for.

It’s a good thing!