Swoopy Saabs

Saab cars are one of those marques which is sorely missed. During their existence, Saab was a consistently quirky albeit effective and high-quality purveyor of individualism. And like most expressions of true individualism, it pretty much died with the 21st century.

(Someday, I’ll do an extremely angry/whiny post about how true individuality is gone while the marching morons pretend to be different by customizing the background of their social media or tinting their hair green in exactly the same way as everyone else does. Even tattoos are pretty much ho-hum nowadays. When did humanity become so flat and boring?)

Anyhow, I was delighted to see a fully functional Saab concept car accelerating down a Swedish runway with a Viggen jet in the background on the May 1985 issue. Nostalgia for Saab, the Cold War and the eighties in general can hit at the most unexpected times.

But magazines from the eighties were so much more than just their cover stories, evocative though those might be. This one is 230 pages of content (and ads, of course–another thing I need to do someday is dedicate a post to old cigarette ads, so cool), and includes a couple of memorable highlights.

There was a road test of a Citroen 2CV which, even in the 80s did not exactly represent the state of automotive art. There’s an insightful article on how women drivers were discriminated against in order to keep society fixed in its 19th century paradigms. And, last but certainly not least, John Buffum, America’s greatest ever rally driver, describes what it was like to do a European Rally season (with some Euro and some world-level events).

A solid issue, and one whose cover relly sets it apart.

Gustavo Bondoni is a novelist and short story writer whose latest book is a science fiction novel entitled Splinter, a fast-moving thriller which attempts to answer the truly vexed question of what it means to be human. You can check it out here.

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